Mypersonaltrainer tailors solutions for any fitness goals. Whether it is weight loss, strength and conditioning, rehabilitation, general fitness or just a kickstart to get you motivated, Mypersonaltrainer will help you.

To take a look at some of Mypersonaltrainer’s services, just scroll over to the ‘Service’ tab, which highlights some of the equipment used during our sessions.

Mypersonaltrainer offers innovative and challenging outdoor group training, specifically designed to offer an all-round workout incorporating cardiovascular fitness, strength conditioning and core work.

Group training benefits both your emotional and physical health. It fosters greater self-esteem. On your own, you may not push yourself and immediately assume you cannot do an exercise suggested by a personal trainer. But upon seeing others in your training group performing the suggested exercise, you will realise that it is not as impossible as you first imagined.

Training with others provides an environment that is non-intimidating, supportive and fun. Group training is also less expensive than training one-on-one with a personal trainer and is often comparable in price to a gym membership.

Sydney is blessed with beautiful parks. If you are tired of visiting gyms and the ‘same old scene’, then with Mypersonaltrainer you can choose to change your training backdrop as often as you like.

Such as:
• Rushcutters Bay Park
• McElhone Stairs, Woolloomooloo
• Observatory Hill, The Rocks
• Wentworth Park, Glebe
• Anywhere within a 30km radius of Sydney’s CBD

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